How We Got Here

Sarjesa Inc. started as a final project for an Indigenous Studies Course led by Dr. Renae Watchman. During a regular visit to her local coffee shop, Alexandra had an idea for a tea that could raise awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. The concept involved using Canadian ingredients, collaborating with local elders, and supporting a nearby women’s shelter, giving rise to Sarjesa Inc.

As our dedication to supporting women deepened, and our understanding of social entrepreneurship grew, we realized it needed to go beyond just donating a portion of sales. Recognizing the widespread issue of violence against women, especially those with intersectional identities, we aimed to extend our impact beyond community boundaries. Through supply chain development, we sourced ingredients from different farms and communities, with a focus on economically empowering women.

We also introduced dancers on our packaging to represent the diverse communities of women we serve. Crafted by community-focused artists, these dancers embody the resilience, agency, and motion of women, challenging static stereotypes. Our goal is to create blends that promote women's well-being, inspire joy, and challenge societal narratives, reflected in our straightforward packaging. We're committed to offering flavorful, functional, and affordable products that resonate with the women we love most in the world.

Just in case you didn't hear it today, you matter!

About the Artwork

Packaging was a crucial aspect from the start. Our dancers, crafted for Sarjesa by community-focused artists, embody women in motion with agency and resilience. Our dancers embody both the essence of Sarjesa and the women tirelessly working for equity every day.

Artistis Include: Hugo Dubon, Aly McKnight, Jonathan Labillois, Natalie Lynem, Sara-Sati Ramprashad.

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