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10 servings

Instant Earl Grey Latté

Instant Earl Grey Latté

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Instant Earl Grey Latté Powder (40g / 10 servings)

Single Origin Black Tea, Vanilla, Bergamot Oil, Canadian Maple Sugar

Sweet, rich and slightly creamy, this is all the things a London Fog should be. Frustrated with the inconsistent quality of our attempts at homemade earl grey lattés, we knew we needed a product that was both easy to use and barista quality. Two years later we are so excited to share our instant earl grey latté powder with you!

Notes from the Tiny Teamaker:
The art of this box was painted by Jonathan Labillois


Single Origin Black Tea, Vanilla, Bergamot Oil, Canadian Maple Sugar



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Not Your Usual Instant Earl Grey Latté

Sarjesa sources only the best ingredients. We work hard to source from suppliers in Canada and around the world growing only the highest quality teas. From there we ensure your tea stays sealed until it reaches your door. This combination of quality and care makes for some of the most delicious teas you've ever tasted.

A fresh take on tea

Sarjesa does tea different. We believe in making the world a better place through equity for all. We work only with international partners who pay their farmers and employees equably and treat them fairly. We source only the highest quality ingredients from Canada and across the globe.