How to Effortlessly Make a Meaningful and Impactful Difference

How to Effortlessly Make a Meaningful and Impactful Difference


I have always been an activist — even before I knew what activism really was. When I was a child, all I knew was that I LOVED fighting for things I cared about (my poor parents) and I loved knowing that my actions were making a difference. Whenever I fought for something I cared about and I saw change, whether it was within the conversations I had on a day-to-day basis or on a grander scale, I felt like I was one step closer to fulfilling my life’s purpose.

However, as adults, I think we all know that it isn’t that easy. With such busy lives, it is often difficult to put aside the time or resources to make a meaningful, impactful difference. It’s even difficult to figure out how you want to make a difference and how much it’ll take to get there. There’s such a distinct feeling when it comes to being an activist and choosing where to put your money, where to put your time, where to put your energy, and most importantly, where to put your trust.

I’ve loved Sarjesa since I read this article on the work that Alexandra was doing. It absolutely BLEW MY MIND that she created a business in which people can make a difference simply by continuing to do something they do everyday. With Sarjesa, you don’t need to make a major life change to change lives — you simply just need to continue drinking/buying tea, which is something that so many people already do! When you intentionally choose to switch over from buying your daily tea from Starbucks to buying one box of Sarjesa tea each month, not only are you saving money but you’re committing to changing the lives of women in crisis, which I think is pretty dang cool.


This is why I’m so excited about our new tea subscription! With the Super Steeper Subscription, each month you’ll get a box of tea with a gift from Alexandra delivered right to your doorstep! I’m already a subscription fanatic because I love how easy, convenient, and affordable they are (Spotify rules my life), but the Super Steeper Subscription brings this to another level. My favourite part about this subscription is that, with part of our proceeds going to local women’s shelters, you are committing to a monthly donation to Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society

By spending $20 a month (including shipping) and becoming a subscriber, you will:

  1. Have a month’s supply of your favourite tea (30 servings of loose leaf tea OR 30 biodegradable tea bags - your choice)

  2. Be supporting a small local business that works closely alongside farmers from small, ethical farms, thus supporting small farmers and stepping away from forced labour

  3. Automatically donate $2 a month to the only Indigenous-led women’s shelter in Calgary, Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society

I had the privilege of meeting the amazing women at Awo Taan months ago to speak to them about Sarjesa, and it was so heart-warming to see how much support and love goes into the relationship. The women at Awo Taan are so incredibly grateful for Sarjesa’s undesignated donations because it allows them to cover costs that they otherwise would struggle with. By subscribing to the Super Steeper Subscription, you are ensuring that the women at the shelter are met with proper resources so they can focus on leaving crisis and living fulfilling, happy lives.


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