What makes good tea?

What makes good tea?

Recently, I was chatting with my friend @sirwillotleaf of @davidstea about the concept of ‘good tea’ and how there is really no such thing as inherently ‘bad tea.’ Different types of tea came about for different reasons.

For example, tea that has been fine cut for a paper tea bag is designed for people on the go… people who need a strong cup of tea faster. It may also be to help with nutrient and essential oil absorption in herbs.

Whole leaf teas served loose or in pyramid bags, provide a nuanced and slower steep where the flavour profile transforms as the leaf unfurls.

Matcha can be used in ceremony, for flavouring, or as an energy booster.

I don’t think any of these forms are better or worse than another. I think the measurement for ‘good tea’ should be if it serves your purpose and if it’s grown in equity.

🌱 Proud to be part of a community that is taking steps to move a whole industry forward 🌱

PS - @sirwillotleaf ‘s book is available for purchase and it is fantastic
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