Summer ExperiMINT

Summer ExperiMINT

We’ve been doing some really neat experimenting with growing our own ‘medicinal grade’ ingredients over the past few years. (Quotes because early attempts were laughable and suitable for home use only LOL)

It started with me growing peppermint in my Nani’s back yard and then air drying in to see if I could successfully keep a crop alive. Over time, the experiments transformed to include hydroponics and include a larger vision for social impact.

This summer, we are getting ready to do a pilot project using decentralized hydroponic growing and community members.

I’m sharing this because I am excited and also because I know there will be lots of challenges and exciting opportunities to learn. Even if your business is established, there are always ways to innovate and get deeper.

I will share more about this experiment as the summer progresses.

But first, a big thank you to some folks who have listened to me geek out about gardening from the moment I first had this idea to now. I could not do it without you (Nivedh Sreejit Nana Asante Beth Dizon 👋 Aislinn Grant Paul Shumlich Wally Sangster). Thanks for reminding me that just because something is not easy does not mean it’s impossible.
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