Metal Detection

Metal Detection

I work with a number of Canadian farms for ingredient procurement. It took me a long time to hit the volume to source such large quantities, and in the early days I wasn’t used to the additional processing we needed to do in house.

The first time I found a piece of fencing in with my herbs, I just about died from horror. This led me down an internet rabbit hole where I learned about metal detection and a controlled sift.

Except, because I didn’t know any other manufacturers, I didn’t quite get all the context.

My process for metal detection was:

My family member holding out a jumbo ziplock bag full of ingredient and me proceeding to do an airport style pat down with a metal detecting wand.

It worked, kind of!

Then, when I was on a call with one of my international suppliers, they happened to notice someone doing this process in the background.

After the peels of laugher died down, they gave me a bunch of options that could do the job better.

Sometimes we start out with workable solutions until we find a better way!

Happy Sunday!
PS - speaking of rabbit holes, did you know we turn some of our spilled botanicals into bunny food? #zerowaste

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