Locally Sourced

Locally Sourced

Have you ever wondered why locally sourced and processed tea tastes so different? The answer lies in freshness. Ingredients that are grown, harvested, and processed locally has a freshness and vibrancy that can't be easily matched.

When tea is grown and processed locally, it doesn't have to endure long shipping times and can be processed soon after it's picked, preserving its freshness and flavor. This means that the tea you drink is more aromatic and has a fuller flavor profile.

Additionally, locally sourced tea is often processed using unique methods which can lead to unique flavor profiles and a depth of character that can't always be found in mass-produced tea.

So next time you're sipping on a cup of locally sourced and processed tea, take a moment to appreciate the freshness and vibrancy of the flavors. There's truly nothing quite like it. 🍵🌿 #locallysourcedtea #freshnessmatters #supportlocalbusinesses

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