Bigger Tea Factory

Bigger Tea Factory

I had the most bizarre experience this week.

We've been prepping the factory floors to be painted. We power washed, then washed with TSP and then power washed again.

I went to the paint store to buy some epoxy paint because we are setting up our new factory space. The guy at the store made it really clear that he did not want my business.

At first, he was like "well I'm not sure I have what you want.." which is fine and understandable. I asked if he could check on his computer inventory to see if he had it or another location had it. He said: "well even if I did have it, I am not sure I could sell it to you because we only sell to businesses and you probably don't have a business."

I was like: "no, no, I have a business." and he was like:
"well you'll have to tell me more about your little project before I can set up an account for you." Then there was a pause and he followed it up with: "plus, you probably haven't even washed the floor yet so like the epoxy isn't going to stick."

This was super annoying. If Wally Sangster hadn't been with me, I would have thought it was sexism. I didn't lose my temper, instead we just left.

We went to a different store, where the lady was super helpful and attentive to our needs.

It got me thinking though about the words we use to describe small businesses. I think sometimes we use words that 'make small' of work that feels quite big and impactful. I think many small business owners feel that their work is more than just a hustle and there is no one 'right way' to build your business.

💚 If you are a founder who works a full time job and also runs your company, I see you.

💛 If you are a parent + a founder running a business, I see you.

💙 If you are just getting started with your business, I see you.

💜 If you are still learning / experimenting, I see you.

I'm including photos of our new floors, just because. Three years ago, I could not have predicted where I would be.

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