Factory Learnings

Factory Learnings

Today has been a very, very long day.

I know that many of you have been following along on our factory journey. We are about 4 years in on our tea bag journey (before this we had loose tea). We have a multi machine line for pillow top tea bags and recently added an additional production line that does pyramid bags.

For the past four month, running pyramids has been a dream. We have had no mechanical issues (aside from needing to buy a massive air compressor). We also are supported by great mechanics who have been really helpful. It’s pretty much the opposite of when we started our pillow top line four years ago.

Anyway — today we made one small adjustment to a sensor and it took us twelve hours to put it back. It’s still not working perfectly. We probably have to come and look at it again tomorrow after we get some sleep.

I love being a brand that manufactures but holy poop is it sometimes challenging.

Anyway, by 4pm everyone was frustrated with trying to get this sensor back into position. At one point, I got banished to a different part of the factory for being annoying.

All that I could think about was how grateful I am to have a team that stays and works through tough stuff.
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