Super Steeper Subscription

Super Steeper Subscription

15.00 16.50

This subscription allows you to steep each of our signature blends, including:

  • Prairie Wilds (Peppermint);

  • Mountain Mist (Earl Grey);

  • City Sidewalks (Chamomile);

  • Dappled Sunlight (Masala Chai); and

  • Forest Floor (Jasmine Green Tea).

Delivered directly to your door monthly, you will receive on box of tea as well as a special gift from our team and founder! This is a great option for our frequent steepers, or makes the perfect and impactful gift. Choose from loose leaf teas, or biodegradable teabags.

At Sarjesa, we believe in the power of simple, flavourful, and recognizable ingredients. That’s why our supply chain is steeped in the good stuff: from the quality tea leaves sourced from small and ethical farms to the Alberta-grown herbs and flowers, our products are curated for you - intentionally. Working with Elders and community members, our blends are beautifully crafted in conversation with the land around us
No hidden GMO’s, preservatives, additives, human exploitation, or trickery.
So go ahead, make your cup count.

Loose Leaf:
Biodegradable Teabags:
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