Racha El-Dib

My name is Racha El-Dib, and I have started a page called Nadia’s Hope in honour of my sister Nadia who was murdered in a very violent case of domestic abuse in Calgary on March 25th 2018. I have worked with the Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter to raise funds in honour of her memory, as well as Gems for Gems who has created a scholarship in her name that will be awarded to women who are fleeing domestic abuse situations to help them break the financial ties with their abusers. I have also started a podcast that details my journey since her death, and creating awareness of abusive relationships as well as taboo topics including grief, sexual assault, and body image. My goal is to work with all cultural communities to team together to fight to end the cycle of domestic abuse and bring awareness that this is a fight for every community, and that it doesn’t discriminate regardless of cultural or racial backgrounds, financial status, sexual orientation, age, ableism, and that it is something that can happen to anyone. To create a safe environment for discussions as well as breaking the taboo, is something I will fight for in order for women to have that confidence and ability to leave, knowing they will be supported and helped as they are strong women that need our love and understanding. I am so excited and looking forward to working side by side with Sarjesa and embarking on this journey.

Listen to her podcast here

Alexandra Daignault